Lucky came from a mile away to get
this cotton tail rabbit.
Lucky flying free.


  "A Family of Eagles" is Dan's other Golden Eagle book. "Family" is an intimate look at the lives of a pair of Golden Eagles living and nesting on a 16,000 acre Texas canyon ranch. Reader's Digest editor Elinor Griffith describes "A Family of Eagles" as "a darn good read." Originally published in hardback, this 159 page paperback is filled with previously unknown information about the birds. This Golden Eagle book was condensed in five foreign editions of Reader's Digest magazine. 16 photographs taken by Dan.
$12 plus $5 shipping and handling buys an autographed copy of "A Family of Eagles". Order both Golden Eagle books at the same time and there is only one $5 shipping charge. We ship same day.
Order our Hummingbird House®, our DVD A Mother Hummingbird's Life, and one or both Golden Eagle books and there is only one $7 shipping charge for all.
Other books by Dan True: "Hummingbirds of North America", University of New Mexico Press. 213 pages with 38 color photographs, including male/female photos of the 16 species known to breed in the U.S. The late Roger Tory Peterson's jacket endorsement of Dan's hummingbird book describes True as "ace photographer". The last line in Peterson's endorsement reads, "Here in one book is all you could hope to know about our hummingbirds north of the border." $20 plus $5 shipping for an autographed copy of Hummingbirds of North America. Also available at your local bookstore, or, and can probably be seen in your local library.
Dan is a retired TV meteorologist and TV news department pilot in Amarillo, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 "I couldn't put A FAMILY OF EAGLES down. I never turned on TV the entire evening. I loaned it to friends and they raved about it. We ordered more copies for gifts." Ralph A Fisher Jr., Silver City, New Mexico.
"A FAMILY OF EAGLES is the best book I have ever read to my students." Carol Roselius Mitchell, 3rd grade, Panhandle Elementary, Panhandle, Texas.
"Danny, your FAMILY OF EAGLES is wonderful! I just don't have enough words to express my deep appreciation of this book. Your choices of words, your vocabulary, your knowledge of's just marvelous." The author's mother
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