Author feeding a rabbit to a Golden Eagle he named "Lucy".

Flying Free is the story of a female Golden Eagle I raised from an orphaned egg. The eaglet was brought into the world through the combined efforts of a banty hen, a shoe box, and a 60 watt bulb. I helped Lucy learn to fly in a chicken lot on the 16,000 acre canyon ranch where I lived, near Amarillo, Texas. After I released the eagle into the wild, she chose to live in the canyon, within sight of the place of her birth. Eagle Lucy and I shared in a "relationship" across her 24 year life. Dodd-Mead published the hardback edition of the heartwarming story of Lucy's life.
Dan: "Your book is the best book I have ever read. " Norm Zollinger, owner of Little Professor Book Store, (retired) Albuquerque, NM.
Reader's Digest featured Flying Free in their condensed books, and it holds the magazine's all time record for number of foreign translations.
I have received hundreds of glowing reader comments.
Author feeding baby Lucy
Lucy on her first nest, feeding her first chick.
These two eaglets were raised by Lucy in her 9th nesting season. In her lifespan, the eagle that had been an orphaned egg brought a total of forty-eight Golden Eagle chicks into the world.
When my paperback publisher, Wynwood Press, went out of business, I accepted 1,000 copies of Flying Free in exchange for money I was owed. As long as those copies last, You can enjoy being uplifted by this happy story for only $10 plus $5 shipping and handling. 164 pages; 12 b&w photos.
To order an autographed copy of Flying Free by mail, please send your check to Dan True, 1332 Stratford, Clovis, New Mexico, 88101. To order by phone/credit card, please call 575-769-1638, We ship same day.

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Golden Eagle in flight.
Golden eagle on track to grab a rabbit
A Family of Eagles is my other Golden Eagle book. This book describes the lives of an eagle family so faithfully,it will make you a Golden Eagle expert.
"A Family of Eagles is a darn good read, and was the April 1981 Book Selection of both the large- type and the regular-type Reader's Digest." Elinor Alcott Griffith, editor.

"Dear Mr. True, My heartfelt thanks for your wonderful book, A Family of Eagles. I have recommended it to everyone I know. Thanks for making a rare moment of intense pleasure for me in a plastic world." Mary L, Shelbyville, Ill.

I have hundreds of comments from readers who enjoyed A Family of Eagles. One mother wrote, "This is the first book my 10 year old son had read cover to cover, and he liked it so much he read it twice."
You can own an autographed copy of this wonderful Golden Eagle book for only $10 plus $5 shipping and handling. 159 pages, with 16 b&w photos. To order A Family of Eagles by mail, please send check to Dan True, 1332 Stratford, Clovis, New Mexico, 88101. To order by phone/credit card, please phone 575-769-1638.
Only one $5 shipping charge applies when you order both Flying Free and A Family of Eagles.

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