The Hummingbird House

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Experience the thrill of watching a hummingbird build her nest and raise hummingbird chicks right in front of your eyes. You can make that fascinating event happen with the Hummingbird House®.


 $33.00 for 2

Nesting platforms

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Dan & Diane True are inventors of the hummingbird nesting platform we call Hummingbird House™. For years we tested various designs to find the perfect hummingbird mother approved nestingplatform for our Hummingbird House™.
Our Hummingbird House™ mounts to the ceiling of your covered eave, porch, or patio. These locations provide your mother-to-be hummingbird a safe, predator and weather proof place for her to raise a family. Abox of 2 genuine Hummingbird House™ nesting platforms made by Dan & Diane True is only $33.00


• 2 hummingbird nesting platforms

• 2 foamy maple leaf "roofs"

• 2 unprocessed cottons for nesting material

• 2 mounting screws

• Instructions
Photo by Dan True ©
Photo by Dan True ©

$33 for 2 hummingbird nesting platforms directly from our factory, plus $7 for shipping and handling for up to 3 boxes (6 nesting platforms). We accept check, Visa, and Master card, and shred your numbers as soon as your order is processed. Postage to Canada is also $7.

To order by phone: 575-769-1638 after 8:00 Mountain time, 7 days a week. To order by mail: 1332 Stratford, Clovis New Mexico 88101.
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How does the Hummingbird House® Work?
A mom-to-be hummingbird's top priority for nest location seems to be: Find a place out of the wind. Her priority probably stems from the fact that hummingbird eggs, and sometimes chicks, are thrown out of nests built on tree branches that gyrate and sway in high winds. On Dave Dunnigan's ranch south of Animas, New Mexico, he often found hummingbird eggs splattered on the ground after a day of high winds. Some of his hummingbirds solved their wind problem by nesting in Dave's open tool sheds, and inside an old house built by Dave's homesteading grandparents in 1905. In 2008 we placed several of our nesting platforms on the ranch's newer porches, patios, and eaves. 8 Hummingbirds nested on our platforms, and each nest had 2 eggs. Every one of the 16 chicks fledged, and all flew out into the world.
A hummingbird's desire to nest out-of-the-wind may explain why the birds often nest in odd places, such as on sheltered porch/patio fixtures, sheltered electrical wiring, etc. Invariably, when we find a nest in an odd place, that nest is sheltered from wind/rain. Placing a Hummingbird House® at your home makes it easier for your hummingbirds to nest. (Diane and I believe that the more wind/rain you have during nesting season, the better our Hummingbird House® seems to work.)
Our observations indicate that younger, first nesting hens are not as smart about finding a nest site that is out of the wind/rain as older hens with previous wind/rain nesting experience. It also appears that female chicks that were hatched and raised on a Hummingbird House® return the next year to their "home" area and look for a Hummingbird House® for building their first nest.



Hummingbird House®

Before she has built her nest

 Hummingbird House®

after she builds her nest.


The female hummingbird also wants anchor points for her nest. Note in the "before" and "after" photos above how the hummingbird has centered her nest directly on the fork, at the same time anchoring her nest around both the vertical spine and the small stub. The Hummingbird House® fork, its distance from the spine, and placement of the stub precisely matches the bird's nest construction requirements.
Here is a letter from a satisfied customer.
Dear Mr. & Mrs. True:

I love these little birds. So when I saw your Hummingbird House® I had to have one. May 16, we noticed some spider webbing on the platform, and lo and behold, a Black-chinned hummingbird was building her nest, right there on my patio. When She laid her first egg, I was so excited!!! Watching her raise her little family was a high point. Thank you for inventing the Hummingbird house.

Jane Grabiel, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Author's note: During the winter, Jane took the Hummingbird House inside, then placed it out in the spring. Again, a hummingbird raised a family, (probably the same hen). And she raised a third family later in the summer in the same nest.



Chick and a unhatched nest mate on a Hummingbird House®

We made a 26 minute DVD video titled "A Mother Hummingbird's Life" during development of our Hummingbird House®.

Our DVD is $20, plus $7 shipping. Phone 575-769-1638; mail 1332 Stratford, Clovis NM 88101.



Just $20.00 plus $7.00 S&H

 Baby hummingbirds hatching
This hummingbird documentary opens with an aerial shot of what a spring migrating Black-chinned hummingbird sees as she hums across the Rio Grande River, from Mexico into Texas. (Dan piloted the photo aircraft.) Then you see newly arrived hummers in Del Rio, Texas, shopping for a nest site (house hunting). You also see one female hummingbird select a nest site, followed by the actions of her 5 days of nest building activity. Through the magic of video, those 5 days are compressed into a few minutes.
Spider webbing is the most important material hummingbirds use in nest construction. At the same time, is difficult for cameras to "see" nearly invisible spider webbing. Since spider webbing is a critical element in a mom hummingbird's life, we felt it important that you see the spider webbing collected by a mom hummingbird. After months of experimenting, we devised a special lighting system that highlights the spider webbing. With our special lighting, you see how the female hummingbird carries spider webbing, and how she works the webbing into her nest. Seeing spider webbing is unique to our video, when compared to others. Seeing a mom hummingbird lay her egg is also unique to our video.
After two years of filming hummingbird nesting, we discovered the exact hour when hummingbirds lay an egg. One Saturday, when a hen laid her first egg, we knew her second would arrive Monday. More importantly, we knew the exact hour that egg would arrive. With high confidence, we looked forward to Monday's filming..
When we arrived Monday morning, we were surprised that Mom hummingbird had already laid her second egg. After recovering from the disappointment, we realized we missed filming her egg laying because that was the weekend we changed to daylight saving time. Belatedly, we learned that hummingbirds tell time by the sun, not by a clock. Therefore, we were an hour late, and It took another year to film a hummingbird laying an egg. Our video shows you the actual arrival of her egg. That scene is a first in bird photography.
On this unusual video you also see a neighbor hummingbird hen hum in and steal nest material right off a nest-in-progress when the owner leaves to get another load of building material. You also see eggs hatching; the very first feeding of a new chick that is still in part of its egg shell; growth of chicks; plus the first flight, and first landing of a chick. Watch a little hummer mom raise her family alone, and learn the reason behind why she does so with no help from Daddy Bird. There is much, much more on this fine hummingbird video. Here is a sampling of letters from customers:

Dear Mr. True,
Barbara and I are birders from 'way back and we are truly amazed at the degree of accomplishment you achieved in filming these beautiful creatures.
Very truly yours, Reid P Bice

Dan & Diane: Amazing video. A Tremendous effort, and so well done. Her egg laying sequence is incredible…Disney (or better) quality. Congratulations. Yours truly,
John and Anna Mae Berwick (John is a retired aeronautical engineer from Cessna Aircraft in Kansas.)


·To order our DVD "A Mother Hummingbird's Life" $20.00 plus $7.00 S&H via credit card, please call us at 575-769-1638.
By check, mail to 1332 Stratford, Clovis, New Mexico 88101.
Order both our Hummingbird House© and our DVD at the same time and there is only one $7 shipping charge.


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