Male Costa
©Dan True
 "Here in one book is all you could hope to know about our Hummingbirds North of the border".
Roger Tory Peterson
(creator of the renowned Peterson Field Guide Series)

 Hummingbirds of North America is the only book showcasing photos of free living hummingbirds that are known to breed in the U.S. and Canada. Dan got the idea for this book while filming eagles in Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, Texas. Since eagles are considered one of the most difficult birds to film, Dan felt that taking pictures of hummingbirds should be a snap. Dan thought it would only take a few weeks to get a handle on hummingbird photography, but with a wry grin he said, "I was due for a took six months of experimenting before I got any hummingbird photos I was willing to publish.

 "This is a really terrific book, filled with information based on observations flavored by the author's experiences as a birder, meteorologist, and pilot."
Bird Watcher's Digest

 "Ace photographer Dan True conveys his passion for these amazing aeronauts through his photos and clearly written text. In addition he lists their favorite flowers and goes into detail about these charming little bird habits, courtship, and mating".
Roger Tory Peterson

Male Rufous
©Dan True
Female Rufous
©Dan True


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